Kids are still in the stage of growth and development, and their visual system has not yet been perfected. They are very vulnerable to various eye diseases, including myopia, which is the most common.

Parents should pay more attention to it. So what should children do to prevent it? What should parents do to protect their children’s eyesight? Let’s discuss it together.

What circumstance can bring children to get myopia?

1. Parents are myopic: the hereditary degree of myopia increases along with the myopia of parents’ eyes.

Premature children: premature birth of two weeks or more than two weeks of children often occur in childhood myopia.

2. Children with low birth weight: children with a birth weight of fewer than 2500 grams are prone to myopia before puberty. This is mainly the birth of fewer weight children lack of development, the acquired encounter adverse factors resulting in the development of the eye axis is too long.

3. Children with less sleep time: in the rapid period of children’s growth and development, especially between 7 and 9 years old and 12 to 14 years old, if the sleep time is less, it will cause some children to have myopia.

How to prevent children from myopia?

1. Regular work and rest:

Do not let the children stay up late, overnight, every day to ensure that the children 8-9 hours of sleep so that their eyes get sufficient rest.

2. A healthy diet:

Pay attention to food nutrition balance. Avoid picky, partial food; provide children some protein-rich, rich in calcium, zinc, lutein food.

3. Let the children follow the correct reading and writing posture, and there should be appropriate light, do not read in too dark or too bright light.

4. encourage children to participate in outdoor activities, see more trees, flowers, and other green plants, often take the children out of the building group, let the children in the field of vision far into the distance.

What else do you know that can help children prevent getting myopia?

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