Red eyes are a common problem, and many reasons can cause red eyes. A few cases signal a scientific circumstance, including redeye (conjunctivitis), uveitis, corneal ulcer, or acute angle-closure glaucoma, mainly if observed via specific symptoms.

See your physician for set off referral to an ophthalmologist when you have a crimson eye following an injury or have:

1. Severe pain

2. Vision changes

3. Light sensitivity

4. Pus

5. Cold-like symptoms

6. Nausea

7. Blood in the iris (the colored part of the eye)

When you experience red eyes, it’s important to understand the cause so that you can take the appropriate course of action.

For example, suppose your symptoms include eye pain or a film over your vision. In that case, these could indicate more severe problems such as uveitis and glaucoma, which should always be checked out with an ophthalmologist. If not, read on for some tips that might help!

1. Cold Compress.

To make a cold compress:

Fill a bowl with ice and water.

Submerge an easy washcloth withinside the water to soak it up.

Remove it and wring out the excess.

Apply to closed eyes for between 5 and 10 minutes.

Repeat some instances in line with the day.

2. Artificial Tears.

To take artificial tears:

1. Every hour for the primary six hours.

2. Six instances in keeping with the day for the relaxation of the week.

3, Vasoconstrictors.

To apply vasoconstrictors:

1. No extra than two times daily.

2.Once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Vasoconstrictors lessen redness and may be appropriately used for as much as seventy-two hours.

4, Antihistamine Eye Drops.

To apply antihistamine eye drops:

1. At least four times a day.

2. Or consistent with a doctor’s direction,

3. But no more than 2 to 3 consecutive days, as this could boom inflammation and different symptoms.


If your eye hypersensitivity signs and symptoms do not enhance or worsen. See your eye doctor, and ask your healthcare company earlier than the usage of an antihistamine/vasoconstrictor eye drop (along with Opcon-A) in case you have:

1. Heart disease.

2. High blood pressure.

3. Enlarged prostate.

4. Narrow perspective glaucoma.

Your eyes are priceless; love your eyes and be responsible for them!

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